In General

The Audit Committee (hereinafter the “AC”) is a BoD committee or a committee independent of the Board of Directors, that consists of at least three members. Its term of office is three years, as is that of the Board of Directors. The renewal of its term or the modification of Committee’s composition shall always be decided by the General Assembly.

Under its current composition, the Audit Committee is part of the Board of Directors consisting of four members and fulfilling the requirements of article 44 of Law 4449/2017. Today, the Audit Committee is composed of the following members, who were elected for a three-year term by a decision of the General Assembly, on 21.06.2019:

  • Ioannis Apostolakos, independent non executive member of the Board
  • Petros Iakovou, independent executive member of the Board
  • Apostolos Petalas, independent executive member of the Board and
  • Theofilos Mechteridis, non executive member of the Board

Mr. Petros Iakovou has been appointed President of the Audit Committee by the General Assembly on 21.6.2019. CVs of Audit Committee Members can be found in the relevant link in the Board of Directors.