List of persons

According to the applicable legislation, the liable persons who are obliged to  disclose transactions on the Company’s securities are

  • Persons who have managerial duties
  • Persons who have close links with the above persons

A person exercising managerial duties is understood

(a) the person who is a member of the Company’s administrative, management or supervisory body; or

(b) the person who is a senior executive (without being a member of the bodies referred to in subparagraph (a) above who has regular access to privileged information directly or indirectly related to the Company and the power to take management decisions affecting the Company’s future course

A person having close links means:

(a) the spouse or partner who, in accordance with national law, is treated as a spouse,

(b) dependent children, in accordance with national law,

(c) a relative who, at the date of the transaction in question, has been in the same house for at least one year,

(d) a legal person, trust or partnership, the managerial duties of which are exercised by a person performing managerial duties or by a person referred to in (a), (b) or (c) or controlled directly or indirectly by such a person; which has been set up for the benefit of such a person or whose financial interests are substantially identical to the financial interests of such a person.

Securities currently include the Company’s shares listed on the ATHEX Stock Exchange.

For the purposes of informing the investor as obliged persons, according to the above, for the Company, the following persons are briefly mentioned:

  • The members of the Board of Directors
  • Members of the Audit Committee
  • Michael Topalidis, Legal Advisor
  • Catherine Gratziou, Legal Advisor
  • Dionisia Chaikali, Corporate Secretary
  • Panagiotis Papaspyrou, Chief Financial Officer
  • Chariclia Tsalouchidou, Chief Accountant
  • Chariclia Tsalouchidou, Head of Shareholder & Corporate Message Officer
  • Nikolaos Georgiadis, Sales Manager
  • Maria Sarakatsianou, Marketing Director
  • Panos Siopis, IT Manager
  • Soultana Strikou, Head of Internal Audit

and those who have close links with them.