Shareholders’ Rights

The Share Capital of the Company is 5.644.188,60 €, divided into 13,126,020 common registered shares of nominal value 0,43 € each.

Each share incorporates all rights and obligations defined by Law and Company’s Articles of Association, which do not contain any more restrictive provisions than those provided for by Law. The possession of the intangible title of the share automatically implies the acceptance by its possessor of the Company’s Articles of Association and of the legal decisions of Shareholders’ General Assemblies, even if they did not participate. No special rights for specific shareholders are provided for by Company’s Articles of Association. All Company shares are freely negotiable.

The shareholders’ liability is limited to the nominal value of the shares owned by them and they participate in the management and the profits of the Company, according to the provisions of the Law and the Articles of Association. The rights and obligations arising from each share shall follow any universal or special successor of the shareholder. Shareholders shall exercise their rights in relation to the Company’s Management only through their participation at the General Meetings.

Shareholders have a pre-emptive right to any future increase of the Company’s Share Capital in proportion to their participation in the existing Share Capital, as defined in Article 26 of the Law 4548/2018. Limitation or exclusion of the pre-emptive right is possible under the conditions provided for in Article 27 of the aforementioned Law.

The creditors of Company’s shareholders as well as their universal and/ or special successors, may not under any circumstances cause the seizure or sealing of any assets or books of the Company, nor require the distribution or liquidation of the company, nor may they be mixed in any way at its administration or management.

Every shareholder, wherever residing, is deemed to have a permanent residence at the Company’s registered offices regarding its relations with it and is subject to Greek Laws. Any dispute between the Company, on the one hand, and the shareholders or any third party, on the other hand, is governed by the exclusive jurisdiction of the ordinary courts. Company shall be sued only in the courts of the Company’s registered office.

Shareholders are entitled to participate in the General Meeting either in person or through a proxy. Each person registered as a shareholder in the records of the Dematerialized Securities System managed by “Hellenic Exchanges SA” (HELEX), which holds the securities (shares) of the Company, is entitled to participate at the General Meeting. Proof of shareholder status is done by submitting a relevant written certificate of the Dematerialized Securities System or, alternatively, through direct electronic connection of the Company with the files of the said entity. The shareholder status shall exist at the beginning of the fifth (5th) day before the date of the General Meeting (registration date). Registration date is also valid in the case of a postponed or repetitive General Meeting, if the latter is not scheduled more than 30 days from the registration date. As for the other points, the provisions of articles 124 et seq. of Law 4548/2018 apply.

Shareholders who do not comply with all the above shall participate in the General Meeting only following a license.

Minority shareholders rights are described at articles 46 and 141 et seq. of Law 4548/2018.

Nullity or annulment of General Meeting decisions is regulated in accordance with the provisions of article 137 et seq. of the aforementioned Law.

Each share’s dividend is paid to the shareholders within two (2) months from the date of the Ordinary General Meeting that approved the annual financial statements and dividend distribution. The method of payment is announced as provided for by the Company. Claims for dividends that are not requested for a period of five years shall be extinguished for the benefit of the State.

As regards the procedure for dividends payment, the provisions of the relevant legislation, regulations and decisions are applicable.