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A. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights
AS Company is the legitimate owner and user of the content of the website. The property of AS Company shall include, but not be limited to the trademarks, distinctive titles, illustrations of all kinds, texts, representations, etc. contained or posted on the Website, unless otherwise stated or protected by third parties.
It is prohibited without the prior written permission of AS Company to modify, publish, transmit, transfer, reproduce, distribute, display or otherwise use the content of the Website, in whole or in part, in any way for commercial or other use. Exceptionally, it is permitted to copy, print or save the above information for personal use and convenience of the visitor, provided that no commercial or other use takes place.

Β. Users policy
The use of this Website shall be restricted only to legitimate purposes provided that it does not restrict or prevent third parties’ use of the site. Visitors/ users of this site shall comply with the rules and regulations provided for by Greek, European and International legislation as well as the correspondent legislation that governs telecommunications and they shall refrain from any unlawful and abusive behaviour that may affect other visitors/ users or cause damage or malfunction to the Company and/ or its Website.
AS Company shall have the right to demand compensation from the offender for any damage caused by him or her for loss of earnings, loss of profit and material non-material damage.

C. Links to third-party websites
Via special links at the website (links, hyperlinks, banners), visitors/ users can be reffered to third party websites for their own convenience. The Company bears no liability to the User for any reason, given that the owners of these websites are responsible for their accessibility and content. Indicatively, AS Company does not guarantee their safety and availability and is not responsible in any way for the content, correctness, legality, completeness, timeliness and accuracy of their information, nor for the quality and properties of the products or services available at third-party websites.

D. Limitation of Liability
AS Company endeavors to ensure that the information contained on its website is complete, accurate, up-to-date and clear. However, it does not warrant and is not liable for errors, omissions and deficiencies in the information or for delays, interruptions and inability to transmit the information, or for any damage caused to the visitor/ user by using such information even by negligence of the company or its servants or agents.

Ε. Website security
AS Company protects its website from viruses and other malware taking every reasonable measure in its effort to provide a secure environment to the visitor/ user by preventing attacks and other unauthorized actions. However, access to the site is at the visitor/ user’s initiative, who is solely responsible for the equipment and software necessary for this purpose, their safety and the security of the provider of access to the Website. It is particularly noted that the user is solely responsible for protecting his system from viruses or other malware and third party attacks. AS Company does not warrant that the content of this Website is free of viruses, errors and other harmful information and is not responsible for any damage caused to such user’s equipment, software or files, as well as any damage that may occur to the user with regard to the above causes.

F. Privacy
AS Company pays attention to the management and protection of personal data provided for by national and european legislation. Regarding these matters of data protection, please visit our Privacy Policy. We use cookies on our site for many different reasons in order to create a safer and more effective environment for our visitors/ users. For more information on cookies, please visit our Cookies Policy.

G. Applicable Law – Other Terms
These contractual terms are governed by Greek law. The courts of Thessaloniki shall be the competent courts for the interpretation of such terms and the settlement of any dispute arising from them.
Any invalidity or annulment of any term does not affect the validity of the rest, which remain in force.