How the General Meeting works

The Board ensures the careful preparation and proper conduct of the General Shareholders Meeting, in accordance with the provisions of article 119 et seq. οf Law 4548/2018. On this basis, it facilitates the effective exercise of shareholders’ rights, who can easily be informed regarding issues related to their participation in the GA, including agenda issues and their rights. The Company shall make available on its website and within the relevant deadlines provided for by the law all the information and material, as described at Article 123 of Law 4548/2018.

All members of the Board of Directors, executive and non executive, the internal auditor, the regular auditor and the Chairman of the Audit Committee shall be present during the General Assembly (except for unforeseen impediment), in order to provide information on matters of their competence, which are being discussed at the GM as well as questions or clarifications requested by the shareholders. During GM any information and clarification upon the issues of the daily agenda is provided, in the context of a constructive and structured dialogue between management and shareholders. The President of the General Meeting shall provide sufficient time for the shareholders to ask questions and ensures that a clear and complete answer is given with regard to the issues that have been raised.


Key responsibilities of General Meeting

The General Meeting of Shareholders is the supreme body of the Company and is empowered to decide regarding all Company’s matters. The General Assembly’s decisions are binding on all shareholders, including absent or dissenting. All matters provided for in Article 117 of Law 4548/2018, subject to the exceptions listed in paragraph 2 of that Article, fall within the exclusive competence of the General Meeting.

The quorum required on a case-by-case basis and the necessary majority are defined in Article 130 and Article 132 of Law 4548/2018, respectively.