The Share Capital of the Company amounts to 8,663,173.20 euros, divided into 13,126,020 common registered shares, with a nominal value of € 0.66 each.

The company owns 62,440 treasury shares.

Voting shares 13,063,580.

Each share of the Company incorporates all the rights and obligations defined by the Law and the Articles of Association of the Company, which does not contain provisions more restrictive than those provided by Law. The possession of the intangible title of the share automatically implies the acceptance by the title holder of the company’s Articles of Association and the legal decisions of the General Meetings of its shareholders, even if said title holder did not participate. The Company’s Articles of Association do not contain special rights in favor of specific shareholders. All the shares of the Company are freely tradable.

The liability of the shareholders is limited to the amount of the nominal value of the shares they hold and participate in the management and the profits of the Company in accordance with the provisions of the Law and the Articles of Association. The rights and obligations arising from each share are transferred to any successor or assignor of the shareholder. The shareholders exercise their rights only through the General Meetings and via any other means defined in Law 4548/2018.

The shareholders have the right of preference in any future increase of the Share Capital of the Company, depending on their participation in the present Share Capital, as defined in article 26 of Law 4548/2018. Restriction or exclusion of this pre-emptive right is possible under the conditions of article 27 of the above Law.

The creditors of the Company’s shareholders as well as their successors or assignors, may in no case seize or seal any asset or the books of the Company, nor request its distribution or liquidation, nor interfere with any way in its administration or management.

Every shareholder, wherever may he or she reside, is considered to have a permanent residence at the registered office of the Company regarding his/her relation to the Company and is subject to the Laws of the Hellenic Republic. Any dispute between the Company on the one hand and the shareholders or any third party on the other, falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts, with the Company being sued only before the Courts of its registered seat.

The shareholders are entitled to participate in the General Meeting of the Company’s shareholders, either in person or through a representative. Anyone who is registered as a shareholder in the records of the Intangible Securities System managed by “Hellenic Stock Exchanges SA” (HELEX), in which the securities (shares) of the company are kept, is entitled to participate in the General Meeting. The proof of the shareholder status is performed by presenting a relevant written certificate of the above body or alternatively, by direct electronic connection of the company with the files of said body. The capacity of the shareholder must exist at the beginning of the fifth (5th) day before the day of the initial meeting of the General Meeting (record date). The record date is also valid in the case of the General Meeting is postponed or repeated, provided that it is not more than 30 days away from the record date. The provisions of articles 124 et seq. of Law 4548/2018 apply accordingly for the remaining.

Shareholders, who do not comply with the above, participate in the General Meeting only with the permission of the General Assembly.

The rights of minority shareholders are mentioned in articles 46 and 141 et seq. of Law 4548/2018.

The issues of invalidity or annulment of decisions of the General Assembly are regulated according to the provisions of articles 137 et seq. of the same Law.

The dividend is paid to the shareholders of the Company within two (2) months from the date the Ordinary General Meeting approved the annual financial statements and decided the distribution. The method of payment is announced by the Company as provided. Dividends that have not been claimed for five years are statute-barred in favor of the State.

In regards to the dividend payment procedure, the provisions of the applicable Legislation, Regulations and Decisions apply.