29 July 2019

Convocation of the BoD

The Board of Directors meets at the seat of the company, or, exceptionally, at the seat of the branches of the company in Athens or Piraeus, […]
6 December 2017

Committees of the Board of Directors

As stated in the divergences of the Corporate Governance Code, there are no Special Committees of the Board of Directors.
15 November 2017

Questions by the Shareholders

Please fill in and forward your question to the BoD mentioning in particular the name and contact details (telephone and e-mail address).
17 October 2016

Chartered Accountants

Chartered Accountants   The Company is audited by Certified Audit Accountants.   The auditors of the Company’s financial statements for the fiscal year ended in 31.12.2013, […]
17 October 2016

Liability of Law 3556 Notification_n3556_2007en

Liability of Law 3556/2007   PDF Notification Procedure   AS Company S.A., in order to inform and aid the investing community, notifies of information regarding the […]
17 October 2016


Board Board of Direcors Αρχή φόρμας Name Position Andreadis Efstratios Chairman & CEO (Executive Member) Andreadou Anastasia Vice Chairman (Executive Member) Theodora Koufou Executive Member Mehterides […]
17 October 2016

Announcement Annual General Meeting Resolutions_230616, Thursday, 23 June 2016

17 October 2016

Announcement Return of Capital 080615, Monday, 8 June 2015

17 October 2016

Announcement Annual General Meeting Resolutions_260412, Friday, March 2013