Company's Number in the Register of Societes Anonymes 22949/06/Β/90/107 Headquarters: Municipality of Oraiokastro County of Thessaloniki
FINANCIAL STATEMENTS INFORMATION January 1st ended in September 30th 2012
According to the Decision of the Board 4/507/28.04.2009 SEC
The figures presented below provide information about the financial position of AS Company S.A.
The reader is reccommended, before entering into any investment activity
with the company to access the Company's web site, where the annual financial statements
and Certified Auditors Accountant Audit Report are posted.
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Approval date from the B.O.D.
for financial statements: November 28th 2012
Amounts expressed in €Amounts expressed in €
ASSETS30.09.201231.12.20111.1 to1.1 to1.7 to1.7 to
Tangible fixed assets7,325,115.257,569,191.65
Intangible fixed assets22,117.0936,486.48Sales Turnover12,247,270.5813,270,818.543,545,454.383,542,166.92
Other non-current assets415,175.69353,316.95Gross profit / (loss)5,918,409.056,989,797.201,541,244.441,825,462.87
Inventories3,600,434.343,635,125.65Profit/(loss) before tax, interest,
Trade debtors10,089,846.3310,267,145.07investing results621,051.641,886,340.25-51,937.33298,807.22
Other current assets5,831,304.525,938,467.87Profit/(loss) before tax641,544.771,850,848.35-61,378.35293,741.02
TOTAL ASSETS27,283,993.2227,799,733.67Profit/(loss) after tax (Α)576,486.031,478,650.29-37,201.87237,294.57
- Owners of the parent576,486.031,478,650.29-37,201.87237,294.57
Paid up share capital8,313,146.008,313,146.00Other Profit/(loss) after tax (Β)
Other shareholders' equity10,497,895.889,921,409.85Total Profit
Total Shareholder's Equity (a)18,811,041.8818,234,555.85after tax (Α) + (Β)576,486.031,478,650.29-37,201.87237,294.57
- Owners of the parent576,486.031,478,650.29-37,201.87237,294.57
Minority Rights (b)0.000.00 -Minority Shareholders'
Total Equity (c) = (a) + (b)18,811,041.8818,234,555.85
Profit after tax per share in (€)0.02640.0676-0.00170.0108
Long term liabilities3,065,600.001,065,600.00
Provisions / Other long term liabilities1,053,143.231,031,317.93Profit/(loss) before tax, interest,
Short term borrowing liabilities326,100.003,069,200.00investing results and depreciation934,566.212,209,349.8751,307.58403,550.71
Other short term liabilities4,028,108.114,399,059.89
Total liabilities (d)8,472,951.349,565,177.82
TOTAL SHAREHOLDERS EQUITY & LIABILITIES (c) + (d)27,283,993.2227,799,733.67Amounts expressed in €
4. CASH FLOW STATEMENTOpening balance
Amounts expressed in €(01.01.2012 & 01.01.2011 accordingly)18,234,555.8517,560,669.09
Year's Profit / (loss)
1.1 to1.1 toafter taxes576,486.031,478,650.29
Operating activitiesNet income towards equity0.000.00
Profit before tax 641,544.771,850,848.35Year's end equity
Increase / Decrease adjustments for:(30.09.2012 & 30.09.2011 accordingly)18,811,041.8819,039,319.38
Foreign Exchange Differences24,421.31-239,496.365. NOTES
Investing Activities Results (income, expences, profit & loss) -106,210.34199,369.36
Interest Expense79,593.21153,534.971.In the above financial statements the basic accounting principles applied are consistent with those applied for the balance sheet of the previous fiscal year 2011.
Increase / Decrease adjustments for working capital:
Decrease/(increase) in inventories34,691.31927,988.252.There were no changes such as, in accounting policies, appreciation, correction in accounting mistakes, changes of entries in financial statements, regarding last year.
Decrease/(increase) in receivables397,018.691,229,421.20
(Decrease)/increase in current liabilities (excluding borrowings)-262,866.09-1,178,646.94
Minus :3.There weren't any company proceedings such as take over, sale, merger of other company or branch, secession of branch and reorganization, neither break in any operation.
Interest Paid-79,593.2110,583,883.27
Income taxes paid10,553,555.0010,549,303.12
Total cash flows from operating activities (a)1,196,446.592,894,378.364.There were no changes in the company's fiscal year period, therefore all information presented is comparable.
Investing Activities
Subsidiary0.000.005.The Company does not prepare consolidated financial statements, the Financial Statements are not included in other consolidated financial statements published by other companies.
Purchase of tangible and intangible assets10,682,349.4610,563,700.39
Proceeds from sales of tangible and intangible assets0.000.00
Proceeds from sales of securities0.000.006.There do not exist any types of arbitration or pending litigation matters of the Company that could have a material adverse effect on financial condition or operation of the Company and therefore there do not exist any corresponding provisions, except of those that are fully analyzed in financial statements. Provisions have been made which amount to € 2.309.448,86. (please see note 5.6 in financial statement notes).
Interest income100,131.30120,229.93
Dividends income0.000.00
Total cash flows from ivnesting activities (b)45,062.52-53,487.92
Financing activities
Proceeds from Subsidiary0.000.007.The number of staff employed by the Company was 70 employees (+5 seasonal) as at the end of the reported period and was 72 employees, accordingly as at the end of the previous respective period. Provisions have been made for personnel due to retirement which amount to € 257.214,74.
Proceeds from increased capital0.000.00
Proceeds from borrowings0.000.00
Inflow from Government Programs0.0074,900.00
Borrowings paid-743,100.00-801,900.008.The Company has been audited by the tax authorities up to and including the fiscal year 2004. For the unaudited fiscal years, 2005 to 2010, provision have been made for tax audit differences amount to € 285.000,00. For fiscal year 2011 the Company has been subjected to a tax audit of the statutory auditors provided by the provisions of paragraph 5 of Article 82 of Law 2238/1994 and received by Certified Auditor Accountant, dated May 31st 2012, Tax Compliance Certificate with outcome without reservation. (please see note 5.8 in financial statement notes).
Payments of leasing liabilities10,684,886.84-67,559.40
Dividends paid0.0010,711,239.67
Total cash flows from Financing activities (c)-795,631.40-820,737.97
Net increase / (Decrease) in cash
and cash equivalents (a) + (b) + (c)445,877.712,020,152.479.The amounts of sales and purchases from the beginning of the fiscal period and the balance of receivables and liabilities of the Group and the Company at the end of the fiscal period which have resulted from transactions from related sectors, such as defined by IAS standard 24 are as follows:
Cash and cash equivalents opening balance4,834,018.903,905,610.38
Cash and cash equivalents closing balance5,279,896.615,925,762.85
Thessaloniki, November 28th 2012`0.00
b) Purchase of goods and services0.00
c) Trade debtors0.00
d) Liabilities0.00
e) Transactions & salaries of managerial staff and the board540,670.07
f) Receivables from managerial staff and the board0.00
g) Liabilities towards managerial staff and the board0.00