Company's Number in the Register of Societes Anonymes 22949/06/Β/90/107 Headquarters: Municipality of Oraiokastro County of Thessaloniki
FINANCIAL STATEMENTS INFORMATION January 1st 2007 ended in December 31st 2007
In agreance with decision 2/396/31.08.2006 of the Hellenic Comission of Market Capitalization
The figures presented below provide information about the financial position of AS COMPANY S.A.
The reader who seeks to draft a completed figure of the company's financial statement and financial results, sould get access
to the Company's web site, where the annual financial statements according to International Accounting Standards
and Certified Auditors Accountant Audit Report are posted.
Supervising Authority: Ministry of Development - Department of SA companies
Approval date from the B.O.D.
of quarterly periodic financial statements: 29th February 2007
Certified Auditor Accountant: Evaggelos Ν. Pagonis - L.C./ Accociation of Certified Auditors: 14211
Auditing Association & Certified Auditing Firm: BAKER TILLY HELLAS ΑΕ - L.C./ Accociation of Certified Auditors: Ε 148
Type of Review Opinion: With no qualification
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Amounts expressed in €Amounts expressed in €COMPANY
1.1 to1.1 to
Non-current assetsSales Turnover25,817,738.3420,743,345.20
Tangible fixed assets8,358,170.018,737,598.96Cost of goods sold-13,068,041.92-11,202,810.33
Intangible fixed assets83,311.3221,886.56Gross profit12,749,696.429,540,534.87
Investing activities and other long term recievables132,824.3196,765.94Other income48,541.5479,417.92
Administration expenses9,501,795.019,764,303.14
Current assentsSelling and Distribution expenses-6,644,878.885,856,173.44
Inventories4,427,237.373,550,394.34Research and Development expenses10,577,632.7910,621,221.16
Trade debtors14,827,625.0113,297,972.00Profit/(loss) before tax, interest,
Short term investing activities21,624.4013,108.00investing results and depreciation4,757,950.403,649,395.81
Other assets464,763.83304,948.25Depreciation10,218,144.2110,213,315.04
Cash and cash equivalents1,155,926.46351,041.97Profit/(loss) before tax, interest,
and investing results4,238,676.373,125,292.61
TOTAL ASSETS29,471,482.7126,373,716.02Financing activities expenses10,243,849.8410,413,143.57
Profit/(loss) before tax3,745,107.972,801,017.94
SHAREHOLDERS' EQUITY AND LIABILITIESProfit/(loss) after tax from continued operations (a)2,854,390.201,741,937.81
Profit/(loss) after tax from discontinued operations (b)0.000.00
Long term liabilitiesProfit/(loss) after tax (continued and
Borrowings3,332,800.004,347,826.10discontinued operations) (a) + (b)2,854,390.201,741,937.81
Other long term liabilities690,464.35747,415.72Distribution:
Company's shareholders2,854,390.201,741,937.81
Short term liabilitiesMinority Shareholders'0.000.00
Debts to trade creditors2,772,239.772,486,442.27Profit after tax per share in (€)0.1300.080
Borrowings1,630,610.57828,868.45Intended dividend per share - in Euro€0.080.06
Other short term liabilities4,620,940.233,086,207.69
Total liabilities (a)13,047,054.9211,496,760.23
Share capital and ReservesAmounts expressed in €COMPANY
Paid up share capital8,313,146.008,313,146.0031.12.200731.12.2006
Share premium74,509.1774,509.17
Reserves1,464,844.031,369,022.72Opening balance (01.01.2007& 01.01.2006 respectively)14,876,955.7914,224,116.48
Profits6,571,928.595,120,277.90Year's Profit / (loss) after taxes2,435,537.231,203,228.65
Total Shareholders Equity (b)16,424,427.7914,876,955.79Dividends1,072,429,222.001,072,647,989.00
Minority Rights ( c)0.000.00Net income towards equity5,683.800.00
Total Equity (d) = (b) +( c)16,424,427.7914,876,955.79Bought / (Sold) own shares0.000.00
TOTAL SHAREHOLDERS EQUITY AND LIABILITIES (e) = (a) + (d)29,471,482.7126,373,716.02Year end equity (30.06.2007 & 30.06.2006 respectively)16,005,574.8214,333,510.13
Amounts expressed in €ΕΤΑΙΡΕΙΑ
1.1-1.1 -Notes:
Operating activities31.12.200731.12.2006
Profit before tax3,745,107.972,801,017.941.The Company's tax returns have been audited by the tax authorities up to and including the fiscal year 2004, with the chance of an imposition of further taxation and surcharges throughout the year that will be reviewed and defined in the tax returns of the unaudited fiscal years. The results of the audit can not be projected at this time and therefore no relevant projection has been made that depicts the effect on the financial statements.
Increase / Decrease adjustments for:
Depreciation519,274.03524,103.202.No circumstance in regards to changes in accounting principles and projections exited that would effect the comparability of the data presented.
Previsions9,768.5382,269.883.There were no, during the present fiscal period, any buyouts, consolidations, sell-off, secession, or reorganization of any of the company's parts.
Investing Activities Results (income, expences, profit & loss) 5,683.800.004.There were no changes in the company's fiscal year period, therefore all information presented is comparable.
Interest Expense528,690.35348,676.205..The company does not report on a consolidated basis, or are its financial statements consolidated with another company's.
Increase / Decrease adjustments for working capital:6.There is no mortgaging over company's fixed assets.
Decrease/(increase) in inventories9,860,575.2110,422,113.537.There do not exist any types of arbitration or pending litigation matters that could have a material adverse effect on AS Company S.A. financial condition.
Decrease/(increase) in receivables9,047,949.659,771,040.77
(Decrease)/increase in current liabilities (excluding borrowings)1,655,934.669,519,003.278.The number of staff employed by the Company as at the end of period is 58 and it was 55 at the end of the respective period.
Minus :9.As of 31.12.2005 the Company has acquired through the Athens Stock Exchange 94.730 same shares at an average price of € 0,766 total €72.559,90.
Interest Received10,208,727.8910,388,742.04
Income taxes paid9,889,140.709,889,868.6710.The amounts of sales and purchases from the beginning of the fiscal period and the balance of receivables and liabilities at the end of the fiscal
Total cash flows from operating activities (a)2,521,179.8359,744.30period, which have resulted from transactions from related sectors, such as defined by IAS standard 24 are as follows:
Investing Activities a) Sales of goods and services0.00
Purchase of tangible and intangible assets10,536,148.4010,586,769.79 b) Purchase of goods and services0.00
Proceeds from sales of tangible and intangible assets0.0012,010.71 c) Trade debtors0.00
Proceeds from sales (puschase) of securities10,729,666.030.00 d) Liabilities0.00
Interest income18,612.6918,601.53 e) Transactions & salaries of managerial staff and the board625,454.25
Dividends income0.000.00 f) Receivables fron managerial staff and the board0.00
Total cash flows from ivnesting activities (b)-190,409.36-120,036.21 g) Liabilities towards managerial staff and te board0.00
Financing activities
Proceeds from share capital increase0.000.00
Proceeds from borrowings10,524,134.261,579,356.46
Borrowings paid0.000.00
Dividends paid1,072,429,222.001,072,299,039.00Thessaloniki, February 29th 2008
Total cash flows from Financing activities ( c)-1,525,885.98136,571.46
Net increase / (Decrease) in cash
and cash equivalents (a) + (b) + ( c)804,884.4976,279.55
Cash and cash equivalents opening balance351,041.97274,762.42
Cash and cash equivalents closing balance1,155,926.46351,041.97