Transaction Disclosure

13 December 2017

HCMC Directive for Trade Notifications under Requlation (EU) No596/2014 (ΜΑR)

HCMC Directive for Trade Notifications under Requlation (EU) No596/2014 (ΜΑR)- click here (in Greek)
6 December 2017

Stock Exchange Legislation for the notification of significant holdings and voting rights

Law 3556/2007 (as amended by L. 4374/2016) (in Greek) Decision 1/434/2007 of the BoD of HCMC – click here (in Greek) Circular 33/3.7.2207  of HCMC –click […]
6 December 2017

Share Capital

Pursuant to the provisions of the Stock Exchange Legislation and to facilitate obligors, the Company informs investors that the Company’s Share Capital amounts to € 8,663,173.20, […]
6 December 2017


It is noted that in case of violation of the provisions of the Law and the Decisions issued under its authorization, the HCMC may impose a […]
6 December 2017

Direction, Time and means for submitting Notification – Competent Authorities

1. Obligors are required to notify significant changes in the voting rights of the company they own, simultaneously with the Company and the HCMC, as soon […]
6 December 2017

Obligors to notify significant holdings or Voting Rights (Articles 9, 10 and 11 of Law 3556/2007)

Obligors (physical or legal entities) notification of significant changes in holdings and voting rights are as follows: any shareholder of the company (due to its admission […]
6 December 2017

Trade Notifications

Disclosures of transactions by persons discharging managerial responsibilities and persons closely associated with them to the Company According to the current legislation, the obligation of disclosure […]
6 December 2017

List of persons

According to the applicable legislation, the liable persons who are obliged to  disclose transactions on the Company’s securities are Persons who have managerial duties Persons who […]